At Science Wizards, our objective is to spark everyone’s imagination, so that they can see that science can be fun!

We present a wide selection of science days and workshops for everyone. Science days start with a show for everyone on ‘Science with Wow’! Then we run workshops for groups on a fun science subject appropriate to the audience. All participants make and take home something relevant to the topic. The day ends with a finale with firing water rockets, if space and weather permits.

The sessions are a mixture of demonstrations by the presenter and hands-on activities. There is no special equipment used, all of the experiments can be easily reproduced at home. Sessions are designed for all age groups from reception class and up. We cover topics from across the science curriculum including ‘The Body’, ‘The World and The Environment’, ‘Physical Processes’ and ‘Materials’.
Science day sessions are from 30 to 60 minutes.

We also offer staff workshops that give all members of staff training in presenting science with fun. Staff workshops can be used to produce material for a school Science Week.


Science Week 2025

We are starting to  plan for Science Week 2025 now!

After a great 2024 Science Week, where we visited 35 schools and delivered workshops to 10,000, we are starting to plan for 2025. We had some fantastic reviews, see in the review section.

How can we help your school?  Well, you may not have experienced Science Week before so let us give you an idea of what to expect when the Science Wizards visit your school:-

  • We start the day with an Assembly that lasts around 45 minutes.  We jump straight in with some brilliant Science based experiments.  Our Science Wizards will engage and entertain the children with some well known science-based topics and will use some simple experiments to demonstrate the theories behind them
  • After the Assembly we’ll visit 6 or 7 classes in order that the children can participate in a number of “hands-on” experiments
  • Each class will be divided into groups of 5 or 6 children in order to rotate the experiments, and to ensure that the children have plenty of opportunity to take part and get involved with all of the activities
  • Each classroom session will last around 30 – 45 minutes, with typically four to six activities
  • We provide full teacher notes in advance to help you plan and organise

Fun Topics that we’ve covered in our past workshops:-

  • Archimedes and his Bath
  • Newton and that Apple
  • Inventions that Changed the World
  • Renewable Energy
  • Medicine and Physiology

If you’ve got a particular topic you’d like us to cover then just let us know.  We’ll liaise with you before the workshop to make sure everything runs smoothly and, most of all, that the kids have fun!

Don’t forget that we get very booked up during Science Week – be sure to Call Us or Send an Enquiry well in advance!

Make your Science Week a Wow!!!


Science Assemblies

A Science Assembly presented by Science Wizards is a great way to ignite an interest in Science while still having fun.  Typically, our Science Assemblies last up to 1 hour and are delivered to the entire school.

For Key Stage 1 children the Assembly is normally around 40 to 45 minutes, with Key Stage 2 children having around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Although they don’t provide the opportunity for the children to take part themselves in the experiments, the Science Assembly aims to leave children with a curiosity to find out more about the topics we have covered.  They’ll certainly leave with a smile on their face!

Science Workshops

The best way to get children fully involved in Science is to let them loose with simple but inspiring activities and experiments, all in a controlled environment.  Working in small groups within their class, they’ll follow simple step-by-step instructions in order to perform the activity or experiment.  Smiles are included free!

We find that most workshops last for around 30 to 45 minutes and the children get to perform around four to six activities, depending on class size.


“Thank you so much for your engaging and informative workshops this week Ian. The whole-school assembly was brilliantly organised, resourced and encouraged all ages of children to engage with the different elements of science that you displayed. It was also lovely to see that even our nursery children were able to understand and follow along with the experiments. I also thought the Year 5 and 6 workshops were tailored really well to the age groups, and allowed the children the freedom to explore their own ideas within the parameters you set. My favourite part of the day was that the resources you provided will enable the children to recreate these experiments are home - hopefully inspiring them to pursue science in their own time.”

Ditchling Primary 2023

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to the company, particularly Patricia. She was absolutely fantastic! So organised, super friendly and the kids absolutely loved the whole experience. The assemblies were pitched so well, all children across all ages enjoyed the experiments and we really liked that they were experiments the children could do at home with the equipment they might find around their house. The use of scientific vocabulary was fantastic and I really liked that Patricia kept all of the children engaged all of the time, even the wiggly children in Reception. So once again, thank you very much! A fantastic company to deal with, straightforward with excellent communication and a wonderful facilitator.”

Jenny Hammond Primary 2023

“Our super science week has come to end. I would like to take this opportunity and thank Science Wizards for their services. Mad jack as the children named him was absolutely fantastic and his assembly was loved by both children and staff.”

St Teresa's RC Primary School 2019

“Thank you for a wonderful assembly. The children and staff were totally absorbed and excited by Professor Lawrence yet again. I am sure that the children will remember it for a long time.”

Kingscroft School 2019

“All 100 yr 7 pupils, and supporting teachers found the experience overwhelmingly exciting or in their words ' it was sic Miss'. Please thank the scientist, what an extraordinarily entertainer. It was simply fabulous, wish we could have the show take place every week. We are definitely looking into a return visit.”

Stepney Green School 2019

“i just wanted to say how great Morag was today. She kicked off the day with a fantastic assembly which left the children brimming with excitment . They couldn't wait to get started on their science investigations and workshops. She was really enthusiastic but also brilliant at managing the children, behaviour and the short amount of time she had to work with! The children really enjoyed themselves so thank you!”

Rhodes Avenue School 2018


When do we pay?

We will invoice the school a month before the event. We ask for a cheque is ready on the day.

Can we have an assembly in Science Week

Due to high demand we don't offer assemblies in Science Week

How much are science days

Science days are from £675

How much are assemblies

Assemblies are from £175

Do you explain the science of the experiments

Our scientists will explain the science behind all the experiments

Do you have Teachers Notes

We provide full teachers notes for all experiments. We can send them prior to the day, if required

At what time should we expect the Scientist to arrive?

Our Scientists arrive by 8am to set up

Do we need to provide helpers?

For the workshops we would like a TA and 2 or 3 additional helpers

Do you have insurance

We have £10 million of insurance cover

Special Offers

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